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WW Property Managed Services in Eltham, New Eltham and Mottingham, London SE9

WW Property Managed Services
WW Property Managed Services 55 Colepitswood Road
Tel: 07944 141411
WW Property Managed Services complete Maintenance, Service and Reactive Call Outs to Both Domestic and Commercial properties.
With Over 20 Years of Experience working within the Building Maintenance Industry.
We are flexible as we understand some works are not always suitable during office hours and are happy to work to your requirements.
Please check the website for further information on the services we can provide or alternatively give us a ring to discuss...

*Fire Extinguisher Servicing
*PAT Testing
*Fixed Wire Testing
*Taps, Basins and Traps
*Thermal Imaging
*Sockets, Switches and Lighting
*LED Panel Upgrades

Plus Much More...

Office - 020 88593663
Mobile - 07944 141411

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance.

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